Intrusion detection – Easy and effective

Reliable protection against ransomware and APTs: Cybersense Deception alerts you when your corporate network is breached – before damage is inflicted. Accurate and easy to interpret. Without false alerts.

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Highly secure

Cybersense Deception eliminates all chances for attackers and ransomware to spread out undetected. Whether on-prem or cloud environment: Attackers have no means of recognizing whether their situational awareness is real or faked by Cybersense Deception.

Minimal effort

Cybersense Deception complements current infrastructure with zero impact on your exisiting IT and OT systems. Therefore, we can implement effective protection in days instead of months – precisely adapted to your needs.

Service à la carte

Managed Service and Response: Are your personnel capacities overloaded? Our experts are able to carry out operations and incident handling on demand. You decide to which extent!

Locked out from your own corporate network

Cybercriminals taking over your IT infrastructure is a horror scenario, but also a reality for many companies. In 90 seconds, you will know how to prevent this with Cybersense Deception.

How Cybersense Deception works

Our advanced deception technology enables tripwires to be set during the first stages of an intrusion. You are alerted early and accurately – with zero impact on your existing IT and OT systems.

Another plus: Because we do not work with signatures or static patterns, Cybersense Deception is equally effective against yet to be identified threat actors and new ransomware.

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3 notable events
5 active decoys
973 breadcrumbs spread
16:00 08:00 00:00 Tue, April 13 16:00 08:00 00:00 Wed, April 14 16:00 08:00 00:00 Thu, April 15 Port scan Windows: failed login Windows: failed login 14.04.2021 02:30:03 Port scan (network) TCP, UDP, ICMP Requests by one IP to more than 75 percent of decoys 14.04.2021 06:25:52 Windows Login RDP Warning: Breadcrumb event! User serv-adm083 Password 249H5S 14.04.2021 13:40:42 Website Login HTTPS Login to website phpMyAdmin User root Password E!52MF Description Service Name Timestamp

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With Cybersense Deception, we have secured deep levels of defense. Even if attackers manage to penetrate our network, they remain far from the target, and the attack does not go undetected. For us, this is a cutting-edge solution that generates minimal effort and fits well to our requirements.
Oliver Hilscher
Director of Municipal Information Technology, City of Monheim am Rhein

IT security is
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The longer our company founders worked together, the clearer Ralf Sturhan's and Sebastian Struwe's vision became: the non-stop collection and analysis of all available log and network data does not alone provide sufficient protection for corporate networks. There is a better way: with higher accuracy, increased efficiency and faster deployment.

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Cybersense Professional Service – Security concepts made to measure

With Cybersense Deception, we support you in rapidly detecting intrusions in your IT infrastructure. But what happens next? What measures need to be taken to mitigate the threat or repair damage?

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