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More than secure
The mission of Cybersense

Cybersense was founded in 2021 by Ralf Sturhan and Sebastian Struwe. Since then, we have convinced many customers of our ability to detect attacks before these inflict damage: We develop solutions with first-class detection rates that can be implemented and operated pragmatically. They result from our technological approach and knowledge of our customers' risks and IT structures. In addition, we view ourselves as an extension of internal IT teams, who we work with closely and concertedly. Every attack that is averted makes us proud and further motivates us to extend the technological lead we have over any attackers.

Patented security
The latest success of our development work is the "Method for Improving Security in an Electronic Communications Network", which was granted a patent by the German Patent and Trademark Office (DE102021106823) in 2022. The method uses machine learning and other optimization methods to develop the best individual deception strategy. Parallel patent applications are pending for the USA and Europe.

Extensive expertise
Those who work for us have years of experience in cyber security: as a CISO, Red or Blue Teamer, as an expert in SIEM systems, XDR, forensic log data analysis or as a developer. In addition, we employ professionals who have already worked in the IT departments of companies or organizations. This range of experience enables us to bring the state of the art to the next level.

Portrait Ralf Sturhan
Ralf Sturhan
Co-Founder & CEO
Portrait Sebastian Struwe
Sebastian Struwe
Co-Founder & CEO
Logo des bitkom e.V.

Cybersense GmbH is a member of Bitkom e.V. – and exchanges information with 2,000 fellow member companies on the most important issues in the field of IT security.

Logo der Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit

As experts in a range of digital transformation topics, we are part of the Alliance for Cyber Security, a cooperative venture of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) that strengthens the expertise required in German companies to protect against cyber attacks.

We carry the TeleTrusT trust seal "IT Security made in Germany" of the Bundesverband IT-Sicherheit e.V. (IT Security Association Germany).

We are a proud member of the innovative Cyber Security Cluster Bonn. Here, companies are collaborating with the BSI, Bundeswehr, Telekom Security, universities and the Fraunhofer Institute FKIE to develop the region into a nationally and internationally recognised cyber security location.